Ingliston Race Results


I’m trying to build an archive of Ingliston race results, because as far as I am aware no such thing exists.

I have been in contact with all likely sources within the Scottish Motor Racing Club, including past SMRC and other Ingliston-related officials, but it seems that all the official records of Ingliston race results have unfortunately been lost in the mists of time – certainly those that took place in the pre-digital age!


Smart Timing ( have records of some Ingliston meetings of the 1990’s, however it appears that no official records of earlier race meetings exist, hence my desire to create such an archive here.

I myself have kept the official race bulletins issued by the SMRC of all the races I competed in, and I know many other past competitors will have done the same, so... 


I’d encourage anyone reading this who has any Ingliston Race Results Bulletins to please contact me at the email address below with a view to including them on this page – thank you in anticipation!

I’d like to thank the following people for already contributing to this results page:

Me! (Formula Ford 1980-82)

Dave Smith (Saloons 1974)

Kenny Baird (Jack Fisher’s records 1968-1975)

Alan Ritchie (Saloons, Modsports & GT 1973-1982)


Thanks everyone!

Iain Nicolson, April 2019  

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