Ingliston Race Results and Race Day Programmes


I am attempting to build an archive of Ingliston race results, because to the best of my knowledge no such thing exists.

Smart Timing ( have the official records of some of the last Ingliston meetings from the 1990’s, however it seems that all the official results records of pre-90’s Ingliston race meetings have unfortunately been lost in the mists of time – certainly those that took place in the pre-digital age!

I have however been truly fortunate to be offered access to the late Bill Henderson’s extensive archive of records. My sincere thanks go to Bill’s son William for making this possible, and David Finlay for doing the hard work of scanning the literally hundreds of documents!

Others have also been generous in contributing race results bulletins and also answering my plea for some Ingliston programmes which were absent from my own extensive collection, so I’d also like to thank the following contributors, in no particular order:

Dave Smith

Kenny Baird (for Jack Fisher’s records)

Graham Birrell

Alan Ritchie

Graham Brunton

David Black

Malcolm Wishart

Darren Banks

Kenny Coleman

Peter Herbert

Robert Storey

Vernon Williamson

Sandy Black

Bruce McLaren

Raymond Goodman

Derek Morrison

Iain Bennie

Mike How

Malcolm Smith

A special mention must also be made to John Brown for compiling some highly informative spreadsheets for the 1970-76 seasons; these are very detailed and worth a look!


John has also put some considerable effort into transcribing hand-written results from some of the programmes into informative results sheets where no official results sheets have been located.  

Thanks everyone!

Iain Nicolson, June 2020 (updated April 2021)  

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