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Miscellaneous videos of 1980's Ingliston meetings


The following videos were donated by Olly Ross to the SMRC, who have kindly allowed me to display them here.  Note that copyright for all videos on this page is held by Keith Robertson Films, Haddington, Scotland. 


April 1983 - Marlboro Challenge Race Meeting

Race 1 (F. Ford): Morning practice sessions then a race win for Ralph Halley's Van Diemen. (11m 33s)

Race 2 (GT over 1000cc): A win for George Coghill's blue Lotus Esprit from Jim McGaughay's FES Renault. (7m 45s)

Race 3 (Sports & Clubmans): Victory for Brian Stevenson's Chevron. (6m 10s)

Race 4 (Formula Ford): Chic Stenhouse and Tom Brown finish 1st and 2nd in their Van Diemens. (9m 22s)


Race 5 (GT up to 1000cc): Kenny Coleman comes out ahead in a triple Davrian battle. (5m 00s)

Race 6 (F. Libre): A poor start from pole drops David Duffield (Ralt) to 3rd but he fights back to take the flag first. (8m 10s)

Race 7 (Road saloons): Doug Niven's Capri takes a narrow victory from Hugh McCaig's Audi and Jimmy Fleming's Toyota. (6m 15s)

April 1984 - Marlboro Challenge Race Meeting

Races 1 to 4: Paddock chatter followed by wins for Peter Jamieson (PRS), John Fyda (Mallock), Robin Gray (Lotus Elan) and George McMillan (Ralt) as well as an Ecosse C2 demonstration run. (10m 53s)


Races 5 to 8: Wins for Tom Brown (Crossle), Jim McGaughay (Lancia Toleman), John Fyda (Mallock) and Jimmy McRae (Chevette). (9m 54s)


May 1984 - May Race Meeting

Races 1 to 4: Paddock chatter and drivers briefing followed by wins for Tony Gemmell (PRS), John Fyda (Mallock), Derek Butcher (Lotus 7) and Tom Brown (Crossle). (13m 01s)


Races 5 to 7: Wins for Jim Stevenson's Ralt, Jim McGaughay's Lancia Toleman and Hugh Chalmers' Sunbeam. (12m 58s)


July 1984 - Carmichael Motor Group Race Meeting

Races 1 & 2: Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar demo followed by wins for Tommy Reid's Crossle and Kenny Allen's Vision. (9m 53s)


Races 3 & 4: John Harper in the Ecurie Ecosse Lister Jaguar beats Roddy McPherson's Cooper Bristol in the historic race, and David Nisbet's Caterham is victorious in the road sports race. (11m 04s)


Races 5 to 7: A win for Kenny Coleman's Davrian, Anthony Murray wins the restarted Formula Ford race and Russell Spence brought along a Formula 1 Fittipaldi to win the libre race! (16m 53s)

Races 8 & 9: The second historic race of the day is won by Bruce Halford's Lotus, with Martin Morris's ERA winning the pre-war class; and another win for Hugh Chalmers' Sunbeam in the tyre-screeching road car

race. (8m 43s)

September 1984 - Ford Credit Trophy Meeting

Races 1 & 2: Wins in the wet for Harvey Gillanders (Van Diemen) and Tom McCallum (TR7 V8).  (14m 02s)

Race 3: Another Sports & Clubmans win for Kenny Allen's Vision and a brief interview with Jimmy McRae. (6m 12s)

Races 4 & 5: Brian Farminer and Robin Parsons clash on the finishing line of the national Fiesta Championship race, and Ron Cumming carves through the field to win a slippery GT race in his Esprit. (14m 21s)


Races 6 to 8: Second win of the day for Harvey Gillanders' Van Diemen, Jim Stevenson wins the Libre race in his Ralt and Hugh Chalmers' Sunbeam chalks up another win. (17m 50s)


October 1984 - October Race Meeting

Races 1 to 4: Tommy Reid steps down to Formula Ford and takes a win in his Crossle, Robin Gray's Elan wins the Road Sports race, Leslie Wright's Van Diemen takes an FF2000 victory and Kenny Allen's Vision wins another Sports & Clubmans race. (8m 52s)

Races 5 to 8: Charles Munro's Vixen wins the historic race, Tom Brown's Crossle takes another Formula Ford victory, Jim Stevenson's Ralt wins the Libre race again and Jim McGaughay's Lancia Toleman wins the GT race. (7m 12s)


Race 9: Road cars - paddock chatter followed by a close race with Hugh Chalmers overtaking Jimmy McRae around the outside of Arena to take the win. (18m 36s)

September 1986 - September Race Meeting

Sports & Clubmans race, with Kenny Allen's new Vision V86H holding off David Leslie in the Ecosse C2 (includes David Leslie's description of a lap around Ingliston). (9m 44s)


April 1988 - April Race Meeting

Races 1, 2, 4 and 10: The camera mainly follows Iain Thompson's 4th-place Fiesta in the up to 1600cc road saloon race; Ron Cumming wins the GT race with Olly Ross's Davrian 3rd; Alaster Cunningham's Manta wins the over 1600cc road saloon race, and Olly Ross's Davrian (100) just grabs 2nd from from Steven Jeffries' Davrian in the modsports/modsaloons race. (9m 50s)

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