A Personal Introduction

As a boy I always had an interest in cars in general, but not really racing cars - and then one day in July 1966, at the age of 9, my parents took me to a motor race meeting at Ingliston (near Edinburgh, Scotland) - and I was hooked!

I visited Ingliston many times during the next few years as a spectator, then later as a competitor with a couple of Formula Ford Hawkes.

During these visits I took many photographs, which lay virtually undisturbed in my attic for many years... But now, due to the facilities of the internet I am able to display a selection of these photos on this website for anyone with an interest to view.

Please feel free to browse at your leisure - perhaps some of these photos may bring back your memories of Ingliston in its heydey? If so, it would be nice to hear your comments, and I would encourage you to leave an entry on the "comments" page, as many already have. 

Please bear in mind that the majority of these images are derived from 30-40 year-old 35mm transparencies, digitised using a relatively inexpensive scanner, so please don't expect modern digital quality! 

Please also note that this website is best viewed on a

larger screen such as a laptop or tablet, rather than a

mobile phone!

Iain Nicolson

East Calder, February 2001



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